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Keeping Northern Michigan Green

American Waste has roots in northern Michigan going back 40 years. We are a locally owned company. Our business has grown and changed, but our commitment to providing outstanding service has remained a constant. We are proud to serve the northern Michigan community.




Industry History Bits

-- from Waste & Recycling News Jan. 10, 2012

There's not a specific date on the calendar, like an anniversary or birthday, which marks the day the first garbage truck was created.

It was probably more an evolution than a single moment in time. Early open-bed trucks and dump trucks – already replacing horse-drawn wagons to collect rubbish in the early 1910s – were likely modified by crafty mechanics to make the job easier and an iconic vehicle was born.

We do know that 100 years ago, in 1912, Americans were beginning to watch these motorized marvels collect trash, keeping streets and cities clean. It was the start of a century of awe and wonder that continues to captivate not only children at the curb but veteran waste workers and drivers around the country.

We were those kids at the curb, who chased after the diesel roar, who savored the satisfying sounds of popping bags and shattering glass when the compactor blade engaged and who relished the power and even the smell and ooze of these steel giants.